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In the past ten years or so, David Ovason has had ten books published. The more important titles are listed below.

"This ambitious work looks at the Capitol, the Washington Monument, city planning, and the numerous zodiacs located throughout the city ...[lt] contains thorough research and brilliant analysis." LIBRARY JOURNAL.

"The best-qualified writer on the market to ascertain these symbols in Washington, D.C." THE UNITED SYMBOLISM OF AMERICA.


In THE SECRET ARCHITECTURE OF OUR NATION'S CAPITAL, published by HarperCollins in 2000, David Ovason reveals the forgotten stellar orientation of the federal city of the United States of America, as laid down by George Washington and Pierre Charles L'Enfant, in 1791. In the course of this revelation, Ovason shows that there are now over fifty zodiacs within the modern city. This book is the seminal study of the zodiacal structure of the federal city, and is a work that has been copied widely by a number of inexperienced authors.

The work has been translated into ten foreign languages: three sample jackets, from the Brazilian, Russian and Spanish are given below.

In 2009, Random House, which had originally published this work under the title, The Secret Zodiacs of Washington, D.C. (1999), brought out a new edition, with a new introduction, under the title, Lost Symbols? The Secrets of Washington, D.C. The purpose of this book was to draw attention to the use made by Dan Brown of material in Ovason's book, for his novel, The Lost Symbol.

The cover page is reproduced below:


"Those interested in Nostradamus' prophecies should forget everything they've read so far, and begin again here." Janet Bord, THE FORTEAN TIMES.

THE SECRETS OF NOSTRADAMUS was published by HarperCollins in 2001. The work offers an entirely new approach to the prophetic writings of Nostradamus. It shows the connexion between his system of dating and that of the great arcanist, Trithemius, and that the encoding in his quatrains is rooted in texts derived from the classics.
Ovason reveals Nostradamus' dependency upon the secret Green Language, used by alchemists and other esoteric workers, for the encoding of certain of his ideas. A special chapter studies Nostradamus use of dating derived from his knowledge of astrology.

This book has been translated into twelve foreign languages: below are reproduced the covers for the Japanese, Czech, German, Polish, Spanish, and Italian.


THE TWO CHILDREN, published by Century in 2001, offers an account of the ancient belief that there were two Jesus Children involved in the life of the historical Christ. David Ovason develops this theme with reference to early texts and artwork, and with special attention to the importance of the belief among Renaissance artists, such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
At present, a USA edition of the book is in preparation.


"The autobiography of a sorcerer's apprentice ... reads more like a collaboration between W.B. Yeats and Jorge Luis Borges... this is one of the most intelligent and interesting books I have read for a long time." Colin Wilson, LITERARY REVIEW.

THE ZELATOR. A MODERN INITIATE EXPLORES THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES was written in collaboration with Mark Hedsel, and published by Century in 1998: above, are reproductions of the first hard-back edition of 1998 and the first paperback of 1999.
The book, which is fully annotated, tells the story of Mark Hedsel's journey along the path of hermetic wisdom, which involved encounters with initiates and wise men and women in various parts of the world.

This work has been translated into eight foreign languages: below are the covers for the Italian, Japanese, United States, Spanish, Polish and German editions.


THE SECRET SYMBOLS OF THE DOLLAR BILL was first published in hardback by HarperCollins in 2004, followed by a paperback edition in 2005. The text comprises 100 sections, in which the symbols of the USA dollar bill are examined and related to their arcane or magical sources. The secret symbolism of the mottoes, the numerology of the bill, and the arcane symbolism of both the eagle and truncated pyramid roundels are discussed, against a useful background of bibliographic notes. Translations into a number of foreign languages are currently in progress.

Below is the cover for the Japanese edition of the work.


THE HISTORY OF THE HOROSCOPE, published by Sutton in 2005, studies the development of horoscopy from late mediaeval to modern times. The development of personal horoscopy, in relation to social conditions and scientific beliefs is explored - for example, Ovason notes the impact of Copernician heliocentricism on horoscopic charting.
Over one hundred personal charts are reproduced and examined in the light of the astrological tradition. These charts include those of Richelieu, Charles I, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Abraham Lincoln and his assassin, John Wilkes Booth, as well as those of Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Jacqueline Kennedy and John Lennon.


SHAKESPEARE'S SECRET BOOKE, to be published by Clairview Books in October 2010, is a study of one of the most important of the Elizabethan and Jacobean encoding systems, used widely in the art and literature of the period.
Ovason concentrates on a code that Shakespeare made his own, and used widely in such plays as Hamlet, The Tempest, and Love's Labours Lost.
The code was not unique to Shakespeare, however: David Ovason shows how it was used to great effect by Nostradamus in his prophetic quatrains, and by a wide range of poets and writers, working in the realm of alchemy and Rosicrucianism, including Dr. John Dee and the author of the Chymical Wedding.
Ovason includes a study of the earliest known use of the code in colonial America, which occurs in George Sandys' translation into English of Ovid's Metamorphoses.


At present, David Ovason is working on his next book, MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS AND RUDOLF STEINER, due for publication in 2011. In this work, Ovason studies the encoding techniques of Nostradamus in the prophetic quatrains, and draws attention to the understanding that Steiner had of this remarkable sixteenth century prophet.